I started this project way back in 2011. Now that I’m embroidering again, it’s fitting to pick it back up. I published many of the block descriptions on DeviantArt back in the day, and it’s time to migrate them here.

The Embroiderer’s Progress Quilt: a way to show improvement, do something with all the little bits of embroidery I turn out, and keep warm all at the same time.

It started as a convergence of the thoughts “I really don’t have anything to do with this quilt batting” and “I really don’t have anything to do with these embroidery bits I have floating around”, with a dash of “I really don’t want to have another unfinished project laying about”. Before long the idea was formed: a quilt that acted as a collection of frames into which embroidery samplers and such could be sewn, and which could be used as a blanket in the meantime. (2021 note: With cats, use as a blanket is impractical.)

White and grey quilt with empty blocks for inserting embroidery projects

Back of quilt

This is the blank quilt, with no embroidery in it yet. It is constructed as a basic sandwich of fabric, batting, fabric that is sewn over with the grey inch-wide tapes. The tapes are single fold and straight grain, with the ends overlapping underneath about 1/4”, and are sewn on with one seam straight down the middle. This winds up creating a half-inch border into which the embroideries are tucked, and that border is then sewn down on to the embroidery about 1/8” from the folded edge of the tape.

Diagram of quilt with empty blocks for inserting embroidery projects

This is a diagram of the quilt, with numbers conveniently corresponding to each space. I’ll reference the blocks primarily by number.

Today, in 2021, the quilt has begun to tell a story.

White and grey quilt with some blocks filled with embroidery projects

I’ll gradually post closeups and descriptions of each block, and any new blocks I add. I have a backlog of a few, right now.