Hi! I’m Heather Athebyne. I like tea, cats (especially in space), reading, Celtic knotwork, and trying just about any craft for which I can find instructions. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t into some kind of fiber art, and I always have a quantity of works in progress, usually one or more in weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, dyeing, raw fleece processing, …

Other perennial favorites include bookbinding, illumination, and calligraphy; leatherwork; jewelry and wire wrap; and occasionally electronics, as each catches my interest and fits my current needs. I love finding ways to combine multiple crafts in a single project.

About Athebyne Craftworks

Athebyne Craftworks, my shop, is a way for me to do something with all the stuff I make and offset the costs of new tools and supplies.

“Athebyne” is the proper name of Eta Draconis A, one of the stars composing the Draco constellation. The Athebyne Craftworks logo features a serpentine dragon following the lines of the constellation, with the star representing the position of bright Athebyne.